(Mature Content) Big Boss, Panties Lost – Part II of II

“…in public? Sir?”

“If need be.” I say, staring straight into her eyes. I glance down at her. I’m turned on constantly by the way Elizabeth dresses. It’s always look twice with her. She had a wilder sense of style… asymmetrical tops, sharp lines, jewelry accents but nothing traditional. I had a hard time understanding shoe obsessions before her, but hers was worth it. Now, I see most women making the mistake of buying the shoes for the feet and legs they want to have – rather than the ones… Continue reading (Mature Content) Big Boss, Panties Lost – Part II of II

Reblog: A Perfect EFF Score!

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Concerns about online privacy and illicit government snooping are at the top of users’ minds, now more than ever. We appreciate that you trust us to safeguard your sensitive information on WordPress.com, and Automattic has a long-standing commitment to defending your rights and holding firm against legal bullying and over-reaching government… Continue reading Reblog: A Perfect EFF Score!