White vs. Asian Women – No Competition

7 thoughts on “White vs. Asian Women – No Competition”

  1. P.s.- put my spelling errors aside- I only blog from a telephone that is assuredly wiretapped- so any real conversation happens later, after they spring the net.

    Meantime- I challenged you to Big Sur, for a very good reason


  2. BTW- Many Asian women ( and I dont mean Suki from across the Bay there) share similarities with men- they are inwardly more man like, not feminine- whatever that means ( and I can tell you what it means: jaded, sheltered, pededtalized and privileged- white women cant get past Asian beauty long enough to see them as people).

    By similarities, I mean all those things that men are expected to be- disciplined, hard working, strong and not too emotional or dependent; resourceful and independent thinking- so the mental character, aside from the sexual appearance is significant.

    Anerican female privilege doesn’t see that because they focus on sex as a default.

    Best example this week was the Brazilian street sweeper girl: someine found her profile oibe, and people were shocked at how beautiful she is. But the real story? She had a shitty menial labor job- and loved it! It helped her stay in shape.

    In America, 98% of workplace fatalities are men in such jobs- because women occupy the privileged narrative, and have nothing in common with men!


    1. you’ll have to forgive the bullet point form looking presentation of this reply it’s just easier to group my thoughts this way.

      – workplace deaths –
      I don’t think there exists a single sector of employment where women haven’t asked for what anybody would ask for… the same pay for the same work.

      i’m really trying to stay away from contingent factual arguments because in reality neither of us really know how accurately they reflect the world as it was or as it will be. we know from a personal perspective that decisions about taking dangerous jobs are weighed out usually in a cost benefit type analysis. assuming men and women both generally value their lives and health equally, we would expect to see more men in these positions. As a pay gap got worse, we would expect to see participation by the less compensated group drop off dramatically.

      I don’t think there’s a secret roundtable of white women who have only tasted privilege, planning for some sexual dystopia for all men. Generally speaking, I think you could find a willing woman to take the job of any man who wanted to quit if he thought it was too dangerous. women have asked for and risked much to break into the ranks of the military, into combat positions.

      we haven’t even considered whether to factor in that
      workers in inherently dangerous and risky jobs are typically compensated with higher wages (which men are) or if we look at equitable principles, the backpay owed on something like that.

      Now I agree that men suffer some majorly heavy disadvantages, particularly around hiding mental health problems, to be socially excluded if we don’t “man up” enough.

      I understand the need or desire to defend, certainly. I think you are demonizing a whole lot of decent well meaning people in the process.


      1. Man up? Sounds like Ein Zwei Drei to me: an insiders take on a bigger conversation about the lockup on narrative voice..

        Yeah- and that’s a lot you said.

        But, yeah, I do know a bit about historical, and ahistorical narratives. And- I might know a bit more about ” the world as it was and will be”.

        Age does that to us. And, a “thousand points of light” etc.

        You dressed me up pretty gud( does your generation know the history of that phrase?,)…in largely total pomo bullshit, but well said pomo bullshit. Well said.

        But still largely bullshit.

        ( Before I take the words out- I want to just say that I like your writing, your general purpose, and the fact that you’re just having fun here- so take this flurry to follow as a similar flourish of b.s., in the name of fun)

        I don’t have my ” next gen” bullshit clippers anywhere nearby right now, but if I did, you would be circumcised for the sake of All Americans, but especially for the vanilla girls, and those who remember the beauty of the floor sweeping shiksas of olden times….Cinderella’s to the letter.

        Let me drink some kool- aid now to continue:…ahhh! All betterz now!….

        I love words- and you make interesting arguments from a pre- propagandized perspective. And, you refuted me soundly.

        Well, what do I know? I am old now- Ali vs I know that your never fell off a roof, or changed a transmission alongsude the highway in 10 below weather- and went to work two days later to feed your kid….

        But you probably read about such things, that happened * somewhere* sometime, and developed your argument from ” that perspective”. Most academic perspectivez are such.

        I love reading….

        So_ tongue in cheek:( now that you’ve established your position as a man-toole of the deeply entrenched white female roundtable ( you vote Democrat, have heard the phrase ” order of the Eastern Star” at least once in your life; ate sushi at least once in your life to ” feel asian” don’t “get” Asian American girls breast size issues at all, keep your socks in a separate drawer than your shirts; probably have your poll card in a safe, believe that the NSA actually is protecting us, and- did I mention that you scoff at homeless people because they ” don’t appreciate the opportunity that America gave them?)

        You’re glue, now, and your lack of historical narrative fits the profile of a mating aged American male.
        Asian? Maybe, based on rhetorical hesitance- Anerican? Definitely. They tatooed the propaganda right on your brain.

        Alright- do you like that suit? No? How about we discuss san ba dao, and immigration? Because even the privilege that you have to even discuss these things negates an Asian guy from Yan an or XianJiang provinces experience.


        Alright then- we can stick to your fetish orientation for now: dicks and the white chicks you might sink one into…..boring but good for you!

        BTW- I talked with a lovely model who runs her own boutique in Hollywood today, who grew up as one of three Asians in a relatively small Chicago suburb.

        Her rock-band chops are serious-I sure wish I knew a young guy or two who wasn’t so Clintonian( not that I don’t have um…vicarious history with, or respect and adore Hillary’s main goal), every time I get hit on by young chicks ( 32).

        Being married, I realize how hard it is to deal with these beautiful fertile myrtles- because gen- next are usually so indicktrinaire….but also, kind of clueless about Asian Anerican women (White female Democrats tried hard to cause that- because, you know, Asian men are so studious, and paycheck dependable and all….) while the “Asian woman mystique” is so powerful…and of course all slaved out by whitey, and whitey’s entrenched narrative of owning the black folk and all…

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        1. It’s okay i don’t bruise too easily. i’m going to have reply in a couple parts. not because I’m trying to prolong the verbal beat down that is about to happen, but because you did bring up a good number of points to discuss.

          I know everyone who’s made my neighborhood their neighborhood too without a roof.

          The resident who’s been here the longest, out of me and all of them, is an Asian American woman who is friendly but definitely not functional for what I could only speculate to be neurological related health issues. I’ve tried to talk to her several times but I speak only English and Mandarin, she speaks only Cantonese. on raining nights she sleeps within an awning at the flower shop, sometimes using a shopping cart and broomstick, with plastic tarp as a privacy guard. for the past six years as we’ve gotten to know each other only through the interaction of me getting her groceries or breakfast. she is always super grateful, using both hands to receive the food. this embarrasses me to have an elder thank me like this every time. i always wonder whose auntie she is.

          The third longest resident was formerly known as Michael, and now prefers Shaqueem. This was an important step for him because that was the name his grandmother chose for him. His grandmother raised him. He suffered abuse as a kid before that I think. He shows signs of meth addiction and alcoholism. Every time I see him passed out in the sun, I nudge him up to move off the sidewalk and into some shade. He likes the Chevron gas station handicap parking spot alcove to sleep at, so I go there and get a gatorade for him. Ive talked to him about eating that I’ve been worried for his health seeing him lose 30-40 pounds and nearly all his teeth… but he makes his own choices in the end. i figure a few milligrams of electrolytes from me are more useful just then anyway.

          Okay… you get the point on the neighborhood folks.

          and yes, i do go back out to give someone a tarp or coat if it’s raining.

          Also for the two years working in the tenderloin, every homeless person who was lacking breakfast got exactly what i was having for breakfast because their day is so much better for getting it. That was my rule.

          You can probably guess by now that I used to be homeless. I started adulthood this way.


  3. Me again.

    Yes, we ARE literally at war.

    And these racial narratives are how they control us here at home, while they murder the native and the indigenous out of existence.

    Its good for capitalism, and the gene pool.

    We are a mercenary force comprised of many ethnicities, but the sliding scale of privilege has a distinct racial bias: European wars’ favor the white ones- middle east? The black brown and othered.

    But just wait to see what they have up their sleeves for the next big war. But I have a hunch that your face will be the one up for promotion….


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