But… He’s Asian

2 thoughts on “But… He’s Asian”

  1. I’ve just assumed that it boils down to money.. *What Sells* and the same reason you’ll never see a white woman doing anything but looking giving the doe eyed, come hither look on billboards [ lingerie ads ] across China, Japan, Korea and everywhere else. But never appearing in TV or in movies.

    TV producers won’t take any risks because it’s always only about money to them. They assume most people only want to see same-race romance and BOY do they LOVE their stereotypes. They depend on them! They’re stuck on their narrow-margined consumer voting averages. It has nothing to do with creativity.

    There needs to be more iconoclastic heroes taking risks.. and those heroes need money to produce these movies and TV shows.

    That being said, I STILL don’t understand why it’s okay to put down Asian men. I’ve been reading and researching this subject for years and I don’t get it. It’s taboo to make fun of other races but it’s GAME ON for putting down Asian men? Why is that????

    This attitude also disrespects and neglects women like me with interest in and the deeply engrained attraction for Asian men. Our interests are devalued, ignored, laughed at… basically spat upon.

    Not only do I care about and love my Asian male friends and Asian people in general but I also never get to see the men I desire on TV or in movies. And NEVER romantically with non-Asian women.

    I truly needed to comment and vent because this is a HUGE ongoing pet peeve for me as well.

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    1. Thank you. It is at best ignorant and worst malicious the way people, including sadly some Asian women, participate in what is becoming a spectacle of public sexual injury.

      To me, it is not unexpected to see so much anger and seething from many Asian men – people aren’t just watching, they’re participating in this spectacle, this bizarre rape and degradation of the sexuality of their friends, neighbors, brothers, and sons. Many behave like victims because many feel victimized – every time they watch television or attempt to date.

      So thank you for saying your opinion out loud. That is meaningful.

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