Reblog: Why Are We Afraid Of Standing Up Against Racism?

3 thoughts on “Reblog: Why Are We Afraid Of Standing Up Against Racism?”

  1. Some people feel that one shouldn’t make waves, because instead of just one person being picked on, you’ll point out an entire cultural. My ex mom in law was born in an internment camp during WW2, once they went back to where their home had been, they became like ostriches, if I don’t see it, it’s not happening, confrontations just don’t happen. As a white women, I can say whatever and I will either have people praising me or patting me on the head. I think having grown up in the military gave me a different perspective, back then and true now, you look out for each other. Doesn’t matter what race a person is, you have their back and they have yours. Civilians don’t have that bond or mindset. My youngest is half Japanese, he’s blond with blue eyes but doesn’t make him less so. Even though I want my child to be proud of his heritage, I also know that his life will be easier because of his coloring. American is no longer the melting pot it once was and unfortunately, as a whole it’s becoming more of an “us against them” mentality.


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