The Time I Heard a Forcible Rape and Did Something About It – Part II of II

7 thoughts on “The Time I Heard a Forcible Rape and Did Something About It – Part II of II”

  1. Yeah, domestic violence is a two way street no matter how you look at it. Takes two and all….as an equalist, I have always found it odd how steeamlined the VAWA and other social policies are.

    You know, you and I have a bit in common. Minnesota for instance- I did 30 years hard time there ;-( Well- it FELT like doing time….

    I call it Mamasota, and I consider it to be a grand social experiment with a eugenic undercurrent.

    Do you email? It’s slightly possible we might gave met at some point.

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  2. The first time I intervened in a potential rape, violence scenario was at the edge of Indian alley in the black hole of DTLA- a guy was slapping a woman, and when U called out to her, the woman charged me and began swinging at me – ” mind your own business nigger! Morher fucjwr!”

    The next time was just after an ex gf had punched me in the back of my head- and called cops on ME!

    Then, adtwr that, I began to understand the effects of womens violence, which is that it keeps the police state coffers full.


    1. I’m sorry to hear about those. I’ve worked in a position where I saw a lot of assault cases – many I believed did the things they were accused of…many I believe without reservation were roped into the system in a way not originally intended.


  3. OMIGOD, I am laughing so hard. The image of the underwear and boots did me in. Wow. I’ve heard cats in heat and I have never heard “help.” But even though I lived in DC, Miami, and South Central LA, I never lived in a place where I felt the need to stack weapons up against the door, either. So a little bit of projection makes sense.

    Very sweet of you to come to kitty’s aid. Heh.

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