She Witnessed “Asian People” Stealing and Eating Dogs

4 thoughts on “She Witnessed “Asian People” Stealing and Eating Dogs”

  1. OMG!! SERIOUSLY???? I was embarrassed for her, not for her stupidity and ignorance, but because she didn’t get the “slow burn” they was giving her and the look that Kate Rigg gave her at 6:28-30 was priceless. The lady next to her was equally stupid about having to cross the street because the “Asians” won’t move out of her way. Hell, she must have never been to New York. We don’t move outta the way for nobody and we come in many colors/races.

    Thanks for posting. I think you been a fly on wall in my house this week. LOL!! I was taken aback and offended by that same Asian stereotype by someone who WAS a friend. I am in a relationship and for the sake of explaining, I am Brazilian/Black mix who is dating an Korean guy. I tolerate the occasional eye rolling question “How is it dating an Asian guy” but when someone makes jokes or says off putting comments towards my significant other, his family, or our relationship, I feel just like Ms. Riggs in this video. Offended, Defensive, and ready to throw hands..

    I need a drink.. Thanks.. BAP…LOL

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    1. I LOVED the Rigg part. Smart girls are very attractive, and I like myself a good political rant… she put the shutdown on that pageant smiling.

      S l o w burn indeed. “uh, we call that a barbecue where I’m from.” The lady never even saw a dog. She saw “more Asians!” Crazy.

      Thanks for reading, send doubters to my site, we can have a conversation. : )

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  2. It’s a more than a little hypocritical to get pissy about various cultures eating dogs and horses when we white folks are so big on bacon. Pigs are smarter than horses and dogs. They make adorable pets and they are way easier to toilet train.

    Also, we have dog-fighting rings and we gun down wolves from helicopters. So maybe we should stop throwing our holier-than-thou stones, eh?

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    1. You just made the critical point right there… Right on. Apart from our culturally determined/influenced boundaries, the eating of animals has inherent moral issues to look at.

      To me, I think a sliding scale based on degree of consciousness (and capacity for higher consciousness) is workable. I’d be more likely to eat crickets than chimpanzees. (Vegetarian here). Thanks for reading and the insightful comments as always.

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