AMWF Relationships Represented by White Women Online

15 thoughts on “AMWF Relationships Represented by White Women Online”

  1. There’s a whole community of Asian men out there of who want to actively change things. I’m part of a subreddit on reddit called Asian Masculinity when we advocate and discuss issues affecting Asian men. And lately we have been pursuing projects as a community to change the perception of Asian men.

    It’s called the Asian Masculinity Subreddit.


    1. Hey that’s fantastic. Glad to connect. There doesn’t seem to be anything populating the site linked… is that being set up? I’m not active on Reddit – is this subreddit community active w/ many users?


  2. I am the AM part of a AMWF couple. Honestly, I never remind myself I am married to a WF. Just a great woman. Been married for 18 years. Plus I am just lazy lol. But I love reading yours and your guest posts. Not everything is relatable but fun to read and gives me perspectives.

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  3. I do agree that there needs to be more blogs based run by Asian men and that are interested in dating Western women. I’m sure they’re out there, but gotta look harder if they’re there.
    Could the lack of actual blogs be a reason of not wanting to express how they feel in a relationship?
    I, for one, the reason I found Jocelyn’s blog was because I was searching for help and answers a long time ago.
    Wouldn’t guys do the same?

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    1. I do. And even if that’s the case, I think Asian guys should still be stepping up since status quo opens up keeping them in the margins of the social circle.


  4. Thumbs up on this post! Autumn is right, there’s Ranier Maningding w/ The Love Life of an Asian Guy (he does post a ton on FB) but we ALWAYS need more voices out there. I personally would kill to hear more from the guys. I’m always excited whenever an Asian guy does a guest post on my site because your perspectives are SO valuable, so needed.

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