This Is Why I Write (Preface to “You’re Not Cool Bro”)

One thought on “This Is Why I Write (Preface to “You’re Not Cool Bro”)”

  1. Yeah, the little guys have it tough in this era, that way. I am going to guess his mom is white?

    You touch on some great stuff here:

    ” is possible for a person to feel the inward draw of shame and outward expression of joy at the same time (schadenfreude) or to love and hate simultaneously (familial abuser).”

    This is why I study propaganda. No menetic has done more to control the sex impulses of so- called ” free” Americans. In fact, the unethical psycholigical experimentation that we inherited from Nazi’s explored this fully.

    And today, it IS the narrative, exploded via the internet.

    I have a thought for you, a question really based on this and another post about Asian women and betrayal- have you spent much time with Asian women sexually? Or- are you aware of the way they test, or acknowledge a mans power?

    I once had a Chinese woman cup my penis in her hand for quite a duration of time, petting it and so forth, kissing it and calling it a ” little bird”. I was not offended or size challenged in the least- quite the opposite. And I wasn’t complaining, because Dick had already pleased Jun quite efficiently.

    In China, I have heard and read that male power- when expressed or honored filially, that men are referred to, and refer to themselves in the diminutive. That being smaller IS being bigger.

    So, without more discussion ( most of this personal stuff belongs offline, in an email- not for my protection from NSA and other blackmailing institutional structures but for the protection if the women whose narratives are also compromised by assiciation) and examples, I can only ask- are you misinterpreting the data? From a western biased narrative structure?

    Americans are savage animals bent on power narratives, and the women here reflect that. Violence and shaming narrativez are endemic here. It’s not just an against asians thing.

    Beyond power narratives, there is the blackmail factor- which I might add, only works on the insecure.

    Also, I would like to point tp your other post where you talk about dualism, and attribute it to Nazi’s, wbich has a certain truth- but I would ask if you have read ” Ich, Du” by Martin Buber?

    In Englush, it is basically a discussion of dualustic narrative from an early Zionist perspective. It translates in theiry to ” I and Thou”.

    In the discourse of othering, the basic idea is that there is an I and it and thou narrative- that there’s what we call the self, and presume to know something about; there’s the thou, which we encounter and know little about; and then, there’s it which we either know all to well, presume to know well, or don’t care to know at all.

    So, Buber was both a Zionist Jew and a Kabbalist. And Jews have given so much to the dialigue of the other thst he is worth reading.

    But have no illusions about fitting in with it- Zionist discourse does not allow for non- Jews to fit in. In that narrative, you are second rate- goyim forever.

    Hitler and other fascists play against that card, and dualistic social narratives are the only way they can keep up. Social order is confused by grey area. And, police states thrive in the vacuum between black and white, with no grey area- because the grey area is their playground of illegal or unethical behavior- that behavior which they occasionally instigate select incidents and say ” see, this is why its black and white.”

    Ever wonder why squad cars are black and white- or why some sherrifs departments have six pointed versus five pointed stars on them?

    Food for thought as regards the one or two, but only one of two equations.


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