The Distinct Violence of My Asian American Childhood

12 thoughts on “The Distinct Violence of My Asian American Childhood”

  1. My ex told me a lot of the same type of things that you wrote about…he went from southern Cali to rural Maine at a time when the only Asian people were the few that owned the restaurants. He had an extremely abusive parent so there was no safe haven there. I have seen pictures of him and he had to have been one of the cutest boys around, but he didn’t have a lot of girl friends and very few male friends, he was the chink or chinaman, even his ignorant grandparent called him a gook, he got beat for it, but one day he finally told her to get it right, he was a nip…for me, I grew up military, almost every year being the new kid at school, and civilian kids seem to take pleasure in tormenting kids that are different, I got in trouble because the teacher asked who had been to another country and I rattled them off, at recess I got in a fight because I guess ” you think you’re am better than we are”…instead of fighting like you did, I withdrew into my shell more and just hoped that the next tour was in an area with more military kids…


  2. There is no button to press that says, “I read this and was moved by it.” I can’t very well press the Like button as if to say, “I really liked this content,” feeling as if I approve of your life experience. I approve of who you are and what you’ve done with your life experience. I’ll press that button.

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    1. I know! I always feel the same thing when I’m trying to comment on others’ writings. Without the opportunity for explanation, I feel that I’ve just “liked” the trauma in their lives. Yikes.

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  3. Thanks… Currently, I live in a small town in upstate NY (yes, how ironic)

    Due to be bullied at young age at 21 I started training in Muay Thai when I moved from Vancouver to Toronto to pursued my fashion design career.

    Please check out my martial arts school website,

    Just like you, I will be sharing my Asian experiences in North America via my YouTube channel.



  4. Wow, and I thought my childhood was crappy (I got picked on a lot and was hit from time to time…but never experienced the violence you did). What you describe reminds me a lot of how Alex Tizon wrote of his own challenging childhood in “Big Little Man”. Have you read that book? I think you might enjoy it.

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      1. The Cleveland, Ohio suburbs. Really white, really middle-class and really horrible (quite frankly)! I couldn’t wait to get the heck out of there!

        (That’s terrible your home life was even worse!)

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