Reblog: Do Chinese Men and Women Deserve Each Other?

4 thoughts on “Reblog: Do Chinese Men and Women Deserve Each Other?”

    1. Right… you know, the stereotypes hurt everyone. I mean, imagine being a black guy who has a small penis. Asian women in America who aren’t docile are “bitches” and ‘dragon ladies”.

      what’ insane to me is how transparent of a play it is. Look at Rwanda – Hutu and Tutsi lived together fine until Colonial powers intruded, orchestrated and enhanced the ethnic division,

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  1. I read the original article before and you are right it is a highly racist slant. Unfortunately I can’t read the second article because though I do Chinese I can’t read Chinese. Honestly in China many men are buying into that crap. Since there is such a high ratio of male to females so the males have to work harder to get a female. The have to have a house, car , good job and basically give huge amounts to the bride’s family. The woman first have to bring much to the table. One of my Chinese female friends said that a woman only has to bring a pretty face and a good figure to a marriage(eye roll) Then there is The greA

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