Downvoting Racially (for Specific Interracial Sex Pairings)

4 thoughts on “Downvoting Racially (for Specific Interracial Sex Pairings)”

  1. I mentioned this in my blog too. Black women are often perceived by media to be masculine, strong and aggressive. We are often referred to as the bottom of the barrel in reference to other races of females. This leads to insecurity that some women mask as being “strong” black women. Even you are purely talking about porn it really relates to everyday life. Black women actually suffer from more depression than other races of women.

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    1. Oh it’s horrible, like a permanent propagandist advertisement that keeps this preposterous myth that black women are “more masculine” alive and kicking. I liked that young woman’s narrative from Quora I wrote about.

      Paraphrasing her, if you don’t find a whole ethnicity attractive, the problem is with you, not their attractiveness. It gets me upset; I empathize with that kind of pain. Living in Ohio was terrible for my love life.

      As it stands, there’s this huge population of eligible young black women who are being overlooked. The sexual male part of me wants to say, “shh… They’re all mines!!” But people should know, that they are missing out on awesome life experiences with wonderful company.

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      1. Oh and strangely enough, I have been dating more Asian men in China( bigger population probably) than I did when I was in the USA. It seems The mainlanders are more open to interracial relationships than Asian Americans. It is mind boggling! Come on Asian American males step up to plate!!!! Step outside your comfort zone and just date a person that is fun and interesting .

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