The Big Bad Asian Stereotype – Real Talk

3 thoughts on “The Big Bad Asian Stereotype – Real Talk”

  1. I hate it because I’m sick of hearing it. From both sides. I hate that men (especially when we look at men in the gay community) have perpetrated this toxic idea that you’re somehow less of a man if your dick isn’t 6 inches or more. I’ve been with a couple of guys who had perfectly ok wangs and when things were ending between us went “Is it because my dick is small?” Like… No, you asshat. It’s because you have the emotional level of a wooden fork. I get that the patriarchy is a horrid fucking thing and it’s largely white, but you’d think for an ideology that wants for men to be on top and remain on top it’d be a lot kinder to their own. Men constantly put other men down on the basis of dick size. It’s awful.

    And for the second part, just curiosity. Who doesn’t want to see the cock of a sexy smart man? I can’t answer that, I only know I do. LOL.


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