…Sabbatical Over

I took a few weeks away from my online life to gather myself. I unplugged to hear my own thoughts and to spend more time with family and friends. I spent time by the ocean, in parks, and exploring the City.

I added a scooter and roller blades to my growing collection of wheeled conveyances.

The skating has been fun. Last Sunday, I got an impromptu skating lesson from a 7-year-old named Justin who could slalom cones using only two of his eight inline skate wheels. The scooter has been fun too but after wiping out on wet concrete, I’ve been a bit less enthused about it. I’m thinking maybe I’ll try riding a unicycle next. Continue reading …Sabbatical Over

Mandela Effect: Berenstein Bears & Geography Videos

I was in a sleepy coastal California town couple weeks ago for a wedding. The night before, many of the close friends of the bride and groom gathered in a social area in the hotel over some drinks, desserts, and ice cream.

I have two modes, socially speaking. One, the detached anthropologist/sociologist. Two, the loud and laughing extrovert. I was in the second mode that night and not being accustomed to drinking so much, I was louder than usual.

As more friends arrived, talk turned to the topic of what we’d all been up to.

“I made a Mandela Effect video,” I said.

“Mandala?” someone asked. Continue reading Mandela Effect: Berenstein Bears & Geography Videos

Erotica: M’aidez! M’aidez! I’m Going Down (Part I)

The woman striding behind us bumped into her, walking past, sending her in stutter steps toward me. Our collision pushed us against a building, somewhat out of the way of the foot traffic. I put my hands up, preventing her from falling and cushioning the impact.

“Good lord!” she exclaimed. She added “where I’m from, we say ‘excuse me’ after body- checking fellow pedestrians.”

“Cultures, right? I mean, here for example women like to exchange names before they throw their breasts at a man.” I grinned, pointing with my eyes downward. Continue reading Erotica: M’aidez! M’aidez! I’m Going Down (Part I)